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Nancy is the owner/chef who has over 20 years experience in traditional Thai food. She has studied with the best chef’s in both Thai and Filipino cuisine. The Pad Thai and  Curry are the best in Jacksonville, Florida. The prices are unbelievable and what better place to go for lunch and enjoy freshly made Cuisine without hurting your pockets. All of our sauces are made from scratch. Freshly picked ingredients, curry paste freshly ground in our kitchen, combined with our expert preparation, perfect cooking and experience of serving quality Thai Cuisine – you can expect a superior freshness, exciting taste and a dining experience that is guaranteed to make you want to bring your friends back to Simply Tasty Thai.

After my big sisters left our hometown to continue their education and pursue their career, the youngest one like me, of course, stayed behind and learned how to cook. We lived in a northern province of Thailand called Phrae, where culture and gastronomy can be easily distinguished from what you can find in a big city like Bangkok. I do remember how to smell of dried chilies, garlic, fresh turmeric, ginger and other spices in Kaeng Hung Lae, one of our Northern signature curries, filled the kitchen with joy, while I stood in front of the stove for hours trying to perfect interactive class and the market itself turned into my second classroom. From there I learned how to pick fresh vegetables, chose different cuts of meat, tasted new spices and brought home something new to try.



” Growing up with my mom and my grandma means growing up in the kitchen. Freshness, flavors and presentation are the key of my kitchen. And those are what you find here, on your very own table, at Simply Tasty Thai. ”
Nancy Straw

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Time came for me to further my education abroad. Living overseas did not stop me from cooking traditional Thai dishes. It did actually push me to push ‘more’ of them and to challenge myself with a new recreation. While hand-picked ingredients made my dishes flavorful and fresh, homemade curry paste made them taste like home. Nothing could ever make me feel prouder than seeing my Massaman curry on the table after hours of not just making it, but perfecting it. The smell of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, and other spices were enhanced by the flavors from lemongrass, coconut cream, chili peppers, cilantro and other countless ingredients. The meat, cooked at the right temperature, was tender and juicy. And once the curry was accompanied by a plate of rice, there I had a heaven on my very own table. Since then, Massaman has become my favorite dish to cook without any doubt.

I was also a flight attendant for over ten years. Working with Kuwait Airways obligated me to leave home and live aboard again. Suprisingly, it turned out to be a nice experience for my food journey. I was often contacted by Thai Embassy in Kuwait to help out in the kitchen, where I tasted out new menu and brought out amazing food presentation. Carving fruits and vegetables is another specialty of mine besides making rich and fresh curry paste. Nothing is more special than a well-balanced dish with a wonderful presentation and fresh aroma of spices.

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